Everything I own


Elaborate a complete database of everything you own


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Probably, you have thought more than once to create a full list of all things you have.

If somebody robs your in your house, your insurance company will ask you for a list of your things owned. That's the time when Everything I own! takes part in the game, because thanks to it, you can have a complete list of everything you own.

You can add some data about each thing you have. You can include the buying date, price, shop and city, guarantee date, the place where you have it stored,...

Robs are not the only time you can need Everything I Own!, you can need it if you don't find anything at home, because you can include in the database the place where you stored it.

Of course, you can make backups of the database in order to keep it safe.

30 days or 45 uses limited version

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